Terms of Use

General selling conditions

(List price)
The price does not include local tax. The consumers bear the tax and tariff imposed by law separately.

(The time when the sales contract is established.)
The sales contract shall be established since we sent the order confirmation mail to consumers. If you wish to cancel the order after the contract was established, please contact us from our inquiry window.
We do not accept to exchange and receive returned good after they was delivered.

- Except as stated in the preceding article, we will not make any warranty for defects toward the sold products.

(Other important points)
- When you see the product’s photos posted on our company’s web site through a monitor of computer have some differences like color, etc. from the real products.
- We will not take responsibility for problems caused the non-arrival and garbled characters of emails which we sent to customers and customers sent to our company. Please note.
- When ordering more than one item at a time, if some items are out of stock, we may not deliver until all items ordered are available.
- There are some countries and areas where we can not deliver goods due to security and other reasons.
- Shipped good will be packaged in accordance with the international import and export standards to ensure that they can endure during shipping time.
- Our company take responsibility for damage or breakage of goods caused by defective packaging, but we do not take responsibility for incidents due to customer’s cargo handling failure.
- As long as there is no disagreement, the risk of loss or damage of goods will be transferred to customers as soon as the good are delivered to the marine transport carrier or air transport carrier in Japan. However, we will keep its ownership until the payment is completed.
- We do not take responsibility for delay or default, the contract’s failure of fulfilment of obligations because of war, civil war, riots, labor disputes, epidemics, fires, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, entry and exit ports, government control or other reasons.
- We are afraid that cracks (cracks) may occur because of your shakuhachi’s managing method (indoor/in-car, sudden dryness due to air conditioner). So, please be careful.
- Please manage under proper humidity. (Optimum humidity 50% to 60%, it is dangerous if it is below the optimum humidity.)

- According to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Association in Japan If both parties can not solve disputes, controversies or disagreements which happen between parties about the contract, it is solved by the judgment of arbitrator. The judgment made by the arbitrator is the final ones and it restricts both parties.

(Basic law)
- Japan’s law shall apply to the agreement’s establishment, effectiveness, performance and interpretation.

Additional rules
This agreement will be implemented from January 17, 2017

Yozanmei Shakuhachi limited company