Artisan's Skill

The “Master’s skill” that I have learn’t from Yozan Factory

The pursuit of the better Shakuhachi, with more wonderful sounds.
Today, I will show you the “Master’s skill” that I have learn’t after 40 years studying at Yozan Factory.


The “Eye” that could select the best material

Nowadays, the bamboo material to make the Shakuhachi is disappearing. Because of that the bamboo material is becoming more and more precious.
The bamboo must be chosen in the coldest of the winter season. Because in this period of time, the quality of bamboo is the best. The bamboo material which we are using is exploited and shipped to here from Kyushu, and we will select the best of them to put in storage for about 3 to 5 years. After 3 to 5 years, we will put out the bamboo that not have cracked or reduced due to the evaporation of water, and just select the bamboo that still look good.
This is the skill that I have achieved after years of making Shakuhachi.


The “Effort” to make the junction not be loosen.

We use the mortice to connect the upper pipe and the lower pipe
If the mortice is to small, when we blow the Shakuhachi, out breath might be leaked out. But if the mortice is to tight, the upper pipe will be cracked easily.
Due to many years of experience, Yozan Factory chooses the best material like bamboo, oak, ebony to make the Shakuhachi, because of this, our Shakuhachi do not have cracked due to material.


The “Arm” to adjust the internal of the Shakuhachi, adjust the sounds.

Shakuhachi’s internal adjustment is a quintessence of a Pipe Master
At Yozan Factory, we use the special “Sauge” and “Meter” that we have invented to adjust the internal of the Shakuhachi. We will use these tools to make the internal thinner or thicken it, to make the internal of the Shakuhachi to an ideal level. Everyday, we work in the factory, shapen our skill, and discuss with each orther to find the better way making the internal of Shakuhachi, to make the best suit Shakuhachi for our custumer as what they have requested.