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I am Yozan Hikichi of the Yozan Shakuhachi Factory.
When I was 18 years –old, because of my teacher’s recommendation, I became a disciple of Tamai Takesen. And I first knew the Shakuhachi when I opened the doors of Takesen’s workplace. It has been 40 years since the day I became disciple of Takesen, in this 40 years, I have been interested in the wonderful of Shakuhachi, and have always tried to improve the sound of the Shakuhachi. Whenever I have freetime, I always take out the Shakuhachi and start to play the Shakuhachi,and try to find out a better way to make Shakuhachi. Because the bamboo material to make 39,6 cm Shakuhachi and 69,6 cm Shakuhachi is disappearing, so it’s not easy to ensure the supply of the good bamboo material. Fortunately, our Yozan Factory has good bamboo material supplied from Kyushu, and we will select out the best bamboo, and make the Shakuhachi perfect as the requests of our clients.

I always think about what my teacher had taught me: his experiences, the method to make Shakuhachi, his understanding about Shakuhachi as a Shakuhachi maker etc… and try to use those knowledge making a better Shakuhachi, but it still has many problem that I can’t solve now. I learned that make Shakuhachi is not just make by hands, but also need some skill of playing Shakuhachi so that you can make be best Shakuhachi suit for different people

Now, I am a Shakuhachi teacher, teaching about Shakuhachi in the factory, with my experiences in music performances and concerts that I had joined in the past. My dream is 【to bring the wonderful of the sound of Shakuhachi to people in many ways】, so now I have started to teach playing Shakuhachi to fulfill my dream.


Shakuhachi – a wonderful musical instrument

Shakuhachi is a musical instrument that uses the breath and fingers of human to make different sounds. Because of that, as every person has a different voice, Shakuhachi also have different sounds due to the one who using it.

The method to play the Shakuhachi is that the feeling of the player must be shown playing the Shakuhachi. Because the Shakuhachi is sounded due to the breath of the players, so it can present the feeling of the players when playing it. New learner can also play the Shakuhachi easily, because it’s just play among the feeling of one’s self, just blow it naturally, and your skill will improve quickly, and then you become a Shakuhachi lover.

Because Shakuhachi is made from bamboo, therefore the bamboo material have some impacts on the Shakuhachi. Because of that, our Yozan Factory have chosen the best bamboo material: hardness, thickness, the internode, the color etc… to make the Shakuhachi, and it hasn’t been changed for more than 40 years.

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