Fix Shakuhachi

In our workshop, we will try our best to repair not only Yozan mei’s Shakuhachi but also all of other shakuhachi.
Repairing cracks by yourself often makes it impossible to recover later.
Having trouble with your shakuhachi? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Repair Items

Cracks, winding

Basically, dent the bamboo surface by the thickness of the thread, and then tighten it with cut thread.
Cover with lacquer, make up the surface with rattan roll, finish it with bamboo skin.
"Take up to 7 places in the upper tube" The shorter the better its become.

Loose joint in two-piece flutes

If only shrinkage of a tenon, it will be fixed by 2 or 3 coats of Urushi lacquer.
If tailoring is bad, rattling will occur and repair of replacement will be necessary.
There is also an influence of a tenon material.


The mouthpiece which got partly missing because of hitting the corner inadvertently or being bitten by insect can be replace.
If you replace a mouthpiece which is different from the previous one, It will leave trace.

Degradation over time

It is possible to change the tenon due to degradation over time of the relay
In this case, the tuning inside can also be re-tuning. If you do not blow for years, bamboo material also becomes thin, but if you often take care of it, blows it everyday, even if it is the old Shakuhachi, it can be used quite well though it depends on the balance of the sound. Old bamboo wood is not necessarily soft.

About repair price • amount

We can discuss if you bring it to a store or our workshop.
Delivery service is also accepted. As soon as we receive it we will contact you by phone about the situation, repair method, estimate, time etc.
※Payment of repair fee is used by repair’s ticket (credit card) in online.

Repair details Price (tax not included)
Crack, winding (1 rattan bind) 3,000 Yen
Mouthpiece Replacement 10,000 Yen~
Hozo replacement 15,000 Yen~
Loose joint in two-piece flutes 5,000 Yen~
Adjustment for sound 15,000 Yen~

Shakuhachi Repair Procedures

1. Recording of request’s repairment form “contact about repairment”
Compatibility repairment
Crack, winding
Mouthpiece Replacement
Hozo replacement
Loose joint in two-piece flutes
Adjustment for sound We can attune “Youzanmei” (“Youzan” brand) Shakuhachi,Since the structure inside the Shakuhachi is completely different from other type of Shakuhachi, we cannot modify other type of Shakuhachi.
2. The customers are responsibility about transportation, transport fee when product is deliverried to Yozan Shakuhachi Factory.
3. Yozan Shakuhachi Factory wil reply to problems such as estimating about repair fee, transport fee, costs incurred and time for repairing.
4. The customers have to use repair’s card to pay for estimating about repair fee in online.
5. After beginning to repair about 10 days, YAMATO transport will send email for the customer about contact number and information of delivering by EMS.

* In case canceling the request of repairing after estimating, The customer will be reviced estimating about repair fee by repair’s card (within 7days).

Payment method and and period

About payment method, please follow one of the following ways

Credit Card Payment
Card: Visa, Master card. The other card such as GMO(VISA card,Master,JCB,AMERICAN EXPRESS,DinersClub international).

Overseas shipment

※ We send out to overseas counties by “Japan Post” EMS or “Yamato courier”.

Shakuhachi is shipped by Japan post EMS(Express Mail Service).
3-5-3 Minami Ohtsuka Toshima ward, Tokyo 170-0005 JAPAN
Yozanmeishakuhachi Hikichi Yozan
TEL +81-3-3980-1741

Product shipping time

We will ship to you within 5 business days after confirming your order.
※ If there is out of stock, it may take time.

• Prepayment ... Ships within 5 business days after confirming payment

Contact here

For purchase/repair of Shakuhachi or if you have any questions and requests, test or trial lesson, please don't hesitate to contact us
Although we are open throughout the year, please give us a call before you visit.

The time we received the call is from 8:00AM to 9:00PM (Irregularly)